Current Painted Force

UltraSmurf Force 090110

The attached is the Ultramarine Roster for the 3rd Company force I have completed to date – which nicely fits in just under 1,500 points.

Captain – a rare OOP model from the Army Box a few years ago

Sternguard Veterans – I love the Tyrannid Veteran models and wanted to include them in my force as early as possible

Tactical Squad – My favourite Veteran leads this squad (OOP veteran with Power Maul/Mace)

Assault Squad – Started with a Power Sword Sgt and found it a bit weak, upgrading to a Power Fist added some power to the unit

Devastators – The extra 5 marines with bolters can be used as another Tactical Combat squad for more troops to hold objectives

Land Raider Redeemer – Extremely powerful against hordes or mech

Next Models – Terminator Assault Squad (for the Land Raider), Tactical Squad (more Troops) and a Predator (TL Lascannons and Lascannon sponsons) taking the force up to a legal 2,250 points.


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