WIP ‘Painted’ Models

Anyone that paints models will know the feeling of joy and pride when they have completed a model/squad/army.  If you want to keep this feeling do NOT buy a decent digital camera to put your models online for the world to see!

Whilst I knew that a large proportion of my ‘painted’ miniatures were not perfect – I was at least happy with them.  Now I realise how low my painting skills are when compared to many others (especially seen on blogs such as Bell of Lost Souls, The Way of Saim-Hann, Chainfist and From the Warp) – which will at least lead to a number of update articles on my squads being ‘finished’ and touched up.

Below are my Tactical squad in all their glory:

Assault Squads (the power sword equiped sergeant is used as a brother with close combat weapon at the moment):

And some of my veterans:

So you’re probably wondering what lessons I think this has taught me?

Coverage is essential – lots of thin coats of paint (everyone says this bt it is obviously the key) especially of the blue areas.  Generally the areas that I’ve done more work on (grenades, eagles, eyes) don’t look too bad and I’m pretty happy with most of my cloth painting.  Over the next few weeks I will update these figures with more blue to remove the patchy look and the removal of some of my poorest freehand icons.

Any comments, encouragement or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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