Photographing Models

Currently I’m looking at setting up a better system for photographing my miniatures and posting them on my blog.

The setup I used yesterday was 3 pieces of 12mm thick white foam (bottom, back and side) put on a bookshelf, the livingroom light (in the centre of the room – a good 2.5-3m away) and my Panasonic FS5 on auto focus and flash.

The problems I had with this are numerous – the colour and detail of the models came out in only a few of the photographs – multi point lighting would help.  The focussing was a nightmare with the highly textured (and sparkly) foam attracting the main focus of the camera far too frequently.  Close-ups simply didn’t work the way I wanted.


My future setup will use a single piece of white cloth or sheet (limited detail or texture) to give me greater chance of a decent focussed picture.  I’m also thinking something like a gorilla tripod for the balance and focus.  A couple of table lamps (maybe with daylight bulbs) will help with even/accurate colour.  Borrowing an SLR with Macro lens will be vital for close-ups (and I have good access to one so this shouldn’t be too much of a hinderance).

Any suggestions for a good (sensible/easy/amateur) miniature photography studio?


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