Photography Advice 1

After my previous attempts at photographing my miniatures for this site I realised that numerous alterations were required.

My initial set up was follows:

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS5 10MP
  • Macro Setting
  • Livingroom Light
  • 3 Pieces of White Foam

The problems were:

  • Focussing on the sparkles in the foam rather than the miniature
  • Grey lines in the foam where the separate pieces meet
  • Limited focus allowing only parts of the model to be in focus
  • Poor lighting didn’t show the miniatures at their best
  • Colour definition lost due to the lighting

The benefit was that it wasn’t a bad start, it showed some major errors with my painting and it allowed me to revisit how to take pictures.

My latest setup – 17th Jan used for close up shots

  • Canon EOS-20D 12MP (followed by Canon EOS-5D mkII 22MP)
  • Sigma Macro 105mm Lens
  • Top Light (a little weak for these pictures) and Front Light
  • White Paper

The NEW problems:

  • Shadows – using a more powerful top light and removing any natural or ‘other’ artificial lighting should deal with that
  • The new set-up is my Dad’s, so I can only give limited advice on the technology used (and can’t fiddle with it too much

The benefits are easy, I feel that the pictures are sharper than before.  My little Panasonic will be used for regular updates and detail shots over my parents with the more powerful set up.

What do you use to take pictures, are there any simple tips that I’m missing?


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