WIP – Miniatures on the Worktop

I’m currently working on 5 tactical squad troops (Sergeant, Missile Launcher and 3 Brothers with bolters) and a dreadnought.  The tactical troopers were shown in an earlier post, but the dreadnought will be new to everyone.

I’m basically upping my painting with a further coat of ultramarine blue and some highlights (2/3 ultramarine blue, 1/3 space wolf grey).  I’ve used one as a test miniature with a final highlight (space wolf grey) but think it is too hard to use and am thinking of mixing a new one (1/3 ultramarine blue, 2/3 space wolf grey).  Tomorrow I’ll be uploading the test miniature and it’d be great for comments or adviceo n the highlights.

The dreadnought and rest of the squad will be uploaded in the near future (maybe even with the rest of the tactical squad.


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