WIP – Painting Update

After my first miniature photography session I realised that my painting simply wasn’t good enough.  I was happy with a number of elements of my models but there was lots of work to do to bring them up to a standard that I would be happy with.

My test model is now almost complete (high-quality photographs don’t lie – and I can see a few minor alterations in the extreme highlighting that I want to correct) and I thought I’d post the before and after painting pictures.

The following 4 pictures show my test miniature next to his squadmate:

The two stage highlight makes the miniature look far better in the photographs – but to be honest in real life the additional quality it brings to the miniature is hard to see.  In fact when I asked my girlfriend which one looked better she very helpfully said the old un-highlighted one.  Her opinion will rarely be seeked from now on when it comes to my miniatures!

What do you guys think, is highlighting worth the extra time and effort?  Any painting hints or tips would be greatly appreciated!


3 Responses to WIP – Painting Update

  1. Gotthammer says:

    I think the highlighting is worth it, but I would go a bit easier on it personally – something between the two.

    What colours are you using at the moment? My guys are Regal Blue, washed black with a Space Wolf Grey drybrush. Darker than yours by a long shot.

    • UltraSmurf says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      I paint Ultramarine blue, Asurmen blue wash in the recesses (sometimes), 2/3 Ultramarine Blue 1/3 Space Wolf Grey, pure Space Wolf grey extreme highlight. I like the overall effect but i think the extreme highlight is a bit…extreme. What I’ll try on my next mini is a 1/3 Ultramarine blue and 2/3 Space Wolf grey.

      I like your painting, very simple and crisp – it works so well due to your coverage. I tried Ultramarine blue with a black wash but found it pooled on the larger areas of armour especially shoulderpads and leg armour.

  2. Gotthammer says:

    Maybe stick to the Space Wolf Grey, but rather than the painted on extreme highlight try a light drybrush.
    You’ll get the highlighting but it won’t be as overpowering (and the new mini drybrush from GW makes it easier to do than ever).

    That’s what I do for my guys as it gives a nice definition to the edges and details, but doesn’t stand out too much or make the midnight blue too light.

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