40k Rules – A newbie’s view

With regards to the game I’m a bit of a Veteran – my first set of rules was Rogue Trader, I’ve played Fantasy, Epic, Necromunda and Space Hulk and numerous computer games (Space Hulk was awesome).  With regards to actual gaming I’m new to it having missed out 3rd and 4th editions and getting back into the rules is a little hard.

Essentially I understand the rules but need some serious play testing and I’m planning on getting back into rolling the dice very soon.  I’m in two minds as how best to do this as I’m not particularly close to a gaming store or club (for England anyway).

  • Option 1 – Stick to a ‘local’ store, either Croydon or Kingston and go on their over 18’s night and Sundays
  • Option 2 – tour the ‘local’ clubs and stores including the London ones and have a bit of a cusade

I plan on posting battle reports on here once I get started but was wondering if anyone had some advice on option 1 or 2?



One Response to 40k Rules – A newbie’s view

  1. Max says:

    I’d probably go with option 1 if you find a local club that is friendly. That’s how I got into 40k last year, and I’ve stayed with that club since. Of course, only having two in town really doesn’t offer much of a choice…

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