A Tale of _ Gamers – Offer Open to All Bloggers

A tale of 4 gamers was a great set of articles shown in White Dwarf (it’s happened twice now, but I liked the latest version).

I’m looking at a similar thing and I’m putting out a call across the warp for any interested in joining me for the call to arms!

The idea is to make, paint and photograph an army that will be updated regularly on our blogs (with links to each other so that any readers can jump between blogs to see the progress of all joining in).  By painting a combat squad or vehicle a fortnight (or week depending who joins in) this should be manageable.  No miniatures that are currently painted and on your site can count (primed models can count).  I’m planning on using this as a chance to get all those cool things into my army that I’ve always wanted like allies (IG from Ultramar) and some Marines Malevolent.

Do I have any takers for this scheme – or will it be the lonely tale of 1?


3 Responses to A Tale of _ Gamers – Offer Open to All Bloggers

  1. Hephesto says:

    A noble initiative, and I’m quite honestly very tempted at giving this another go. At the same time I see the pile of course, grading and research papers/proposals in my desk growing each day.

    Sad isn’t it when one has to be realistic about our beloved hobby and the time we can devote to it. I do want to wish you the best of luck though, those plans for allies sound great!

  2. drathmere says:

    I am always building new armies so this is kind of the norm for me!

  3. Mark Mercer says:

    Hey buddie I’m starting Tyranids soon so I wouldn’t mind doing this 🙂

    Perhaps you wouldn’t mind giving me the url of blog’s doing this and I can link them on my blog and post weekly updates or something?

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