A Tale of _ Gamers – Call to Arms

As you may know I’m looking at a similar thing to the GW tale of 4 gamers and I’m putting out a call across the warp for any interested in joining me for the call to arms!

The basics can be found here but I want to expand upon this now that I’ve had some response to my plan.

  • 1 unit per month for your force (be it a 10 man SM tactical squad, 5 Eldar jet bikes or a Tau devilfish)
  • the models can’t be painted and on show in your blog prior to the start
  • models can be built and primed already – in your backlog of painting
  • monthly units to be specifically designed as a force be it allies to your existing force or a brand new force (for example I’m looking at producing a ‘stand alone’ allies force that will be part of my Ultramarines – this force will have HQ, Elite, Troop, Fast Attack and Heavy units as per the standard force organisation charts)
  • fluff forces encouraged, such as IG allies for SM forces, Daemons for CSM – ask if you have a query
  • all units to be posted on the same day at the same time (or as close as possible) say 3rd Monday of each month at 1pm GMT
  • each monthly post to be linked to the other members main post – weekly updates can be linked at your own discretion
  • to run for 12 months

I also want it to be swayed by comments and for some ‘cool bits’ to be added in like objective markers and battle reports – but we’ll come to that later.

If you want to join in post a comment stating your blog (and e-mail if its not on your blog) or e-mail me at ultrasmurf.blog@hotmail.com – if you don’t have a blog contact me and I’ll either help you set one up or maybe you can send me the pics and text and I’ll post it on here.

I’m hoping to start this in February – so sign up!


5 Responses to A Tale of _ Gamers – Call to Arms

  1. scotchjon says:

    My blog is http://needmoretanks.blogspot.com/

    I’m actually running a tale of four gamers event at the moment for a few friends… we are in fact having our halfway stage tournament this weekend!

    I’d probably go with my guard as that’d give me something different from the ToFG I’m running, and I have FAR more of a backlog on them :oP

    About the only difficulty I’d have would be posting the pic at the same time on a particular day, as I work shift work. I do 2 days 2 nights 4 off. This means my week (and sleeping pattern) rotates, meaning I don’t always blog at the same time :oP I’d still try to get as near as I could, but can’t guarantee I’m afraid :o/

  2. Max says:

    I could potentially be interested, as I am starting an escalation league pretty soon. Would the units for this force need to be special in some way, or could I just say that 1 of the units that I built that month just happened to be part of the Tale?

  3. UltraSmurf says:

    Thanks for the responses – I’m over 4 now so I’m definitely going to do it – I’ll e-mail out to everyone with some suggestions and once I have your comments it’s game on!

    Max – The idea of having 1 unit a month is that it allows anyone to join – I often find it hard to paint a unit in that time as I’m so busy with other things. If people want to do loads of units and use 1 for the tale of _ gamers, that’s great.

    Scotchjon – on wordpress blogger and blogspot you can schedule your posts to be published on a specific day. If this isn’t possible for you then a couple of days is fine, it just may lead to an issue linking to your post by some of the other guys joining in.

  4. scotchjon says:

    Well you learn something new every day! Thanks for that. In that case no problem.

  5. Mark Mercer says:

    I’ll join in buddie. I’m starting my Tyranid army, though I’ll have my army done within 3-4 months though, not 12 months lol.

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