Conversions: Space Marine Head Swaps

I love modelling and feel that my little guys have loads of character due to how I’ve put them together – but for me the most important thing is to make sure everything seems to match and that the heads fit with the rest of the model – and with the rest of the squad – and with the rest of the army.

This definitely does not mean that I only use 1 type of head!  This means that I search through my bits for each model – set out the bits for the whole squad – and then make the squad as one.  For example my Ultramarines force has the following heads – mark 4, 5, 6 and 7 + re-breathers, bare heads, optic implants and crusader heads.  Examples can be found here:

For those who don’t know – check it out!  A head swap is where you remove the ‘normal’ head from your miniature and put on a different head.  Kit bashing is where you get different kits and make a miniature from components taken from them.  My conversions are mainly kit bashes – but my favourite part of this is the head swap.

The reason for this post was my ‘new’ project – the Tale of _ Gamers – for which I am going to make Allies for my army.  When reading Salamander the Marines Malevolent really stood out and made me want a squad – my first Allies.  The background for these guys is a low resources marine chapter and what says low resources more than limited armour and weapons.  Limited armour means old armour which means – HEAD SWAPS.

I’m planning on using Beakie, Maximus and bare heads for these guys – until I found these.

They scream Marines Malevolant to me and they really suggest the ‘old school’ look I want.  I’ve bought 2 sets of these from Maxmini and am looking forward to their arrival.  I’ll review the product once it arrives

What do you guys think – do they fit with the fluff?  Do you like how they look?  I think they’ll look awesome with a few Beakie, Maximus and bare heads thrown in.  The centre one at the top screams Techmarine to me!


2 Responses to Conversions: Space Marine Head Swaps

  1. RuntMcRory says:

    The Maxmini heads are great. I have used them on a few of my guys. I am a fan of the 2 on the left. They make great MK2 and 3’s

  2. Jason C R says:

    Everything you have said here so utterly reflects my own attitude it’s almost freakish – however I love weapon swaps rather than heads. Currently I have a small honour guard project in progress which includes parts from no less than two chapter master models (Seth and Kantor) and sanguinary guard pieces. It pays to have an extensive bits box! Or an ebay account.

    I think you should use the maxmini heads for veterans btw, or sparingly at least. Subtlety can work wonders when you wish to impress.

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