Current Plastic Boxsets

As a Space Marine modeller, painter and (fledgling) player I have been cutting up and sticking together bits and pieces from a reasonably large range of kits to make a collection of models that (I feel) is individual and well conceived.

I enjoy to lay out a number of frames (tactical, assault, devastator) mix in some more specialist pieces (command squad, commander, chapter specific upgrades) and throw in some ‘unique’ individual castings (ordered online from, e-bay and the cool heads I had in my last article).  But others are simply not as lucky.  I’ve split my post in to 2 sections – the first my rant – the second an example.

1.  Anyone who has followed this blog knows about my ideas for the ‘Tale of _ Gamers’ that will start soon – and that I intend on adding a number of allies to my army.  Today I went to buy some models that will be one of those squads and upon pulling out the plastic I was – well – not amazed.  Buying a squad of Cadians to act as my Ultramar Imperial Guard Allies seemed like a great idea – and still is by any accounts.  Flicking through the plastic sprues of parts however made me realise how luck Space Marine players are.

The Cadian frame includes 5 bodies, 5 legs, 6 (i think) heads, 6 lasguns, 2 special weapons, laspistol and CCW, pouches, granade arm and a few more bits.  To many this may sound like a huge amount of options – to a Space Marine players this screams limitations.

You may be confused up to this point but let me explain – ALL Space Marine sprue’s have bits that can be used on other models – and this is only untrue for the majority of terminator parts.  This allows me to build each standard Space Marine from loads of different parts.  For the Cadians they have only 3 kits – Infantry, Heavy Weapons and Command.  This means that the Emporors Finest (SM’s) who are very limited in number can all be individual, the huge swarms of infantry that is the Imperial Guard will have huge amounts of repetition in even smaller armies.

To finish off this rant and moan I’d like to point out that I still think I could make 75+ unique Cadian models – though my imagination may strain – which is awesome for Allies, I just feel sorry for them when they have 100’s of infantry models – I think I could fiddle with my marines for ever.

2.  My (current) favourite model may be a Marines Malevolent or may be an Ultramarine – either way he’s been pieced together with care.  Running Assault Marine legs, Tactical body, Heavy Bolter arms and weapon from the Devastators kit – from memory I can’t remember where the head is from but I think it is Black Templar, Dark Angel or a metal head (maybe from Deathwatch).  I think it looks amazing and can’t wait til it’s all painted up – this is not really possible with most of the other ranges.

What do you think?  Who is the luckiest of them all and who is bottom of the pile?  I thought that the Dark Eldar kit was brilliant but with all the other kit upgrades are they now the worst off?


2 Responses to Current Plastic Boxsets

  1. Ginge says:

    Space Marines being more limited in number need the individuality more. In a horde of guard the repetition will be lost in the herd.

    As a veteran guard player, the basic box has it’s limitations (the cadian box more so with the lasguns having hands attached – at least the catachans the lasguns are loose which allows more versatility.) The command squad on the other hand, has far more options. By combining the command box and a basic box I made many weapon options. Admittedly with basic troopers you still have your limits, but like I said when part of a vast horde of infantry it’s harder to notice than in a small elite force.

    • UltraSmurf says:

      True! Having my fledgling IG allies force after my Marines really made me want them to be different, but your absolutely correct, a company of Space Marines vs a Regiment of IG – the IG have to be similar otherwise the models would be in so many parts it would be hard to build them.

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