Current Plastic Boxsets 2 – Cadian Colourscheme

I take it back – having now seen the command and heavy weapon sprue’s I think that they are pretty good.  It’s not a complete U-turn as I think that the Space Marine kits are still far better, it’s more that I have enough to play with to hopefully make some cool models.

The heavy weapons kit has a ridiculous amount of spare bits to use for some objectives.  I’m thinking of getting 2 kits and using them to make 2 groups of 3 of the same heavy weapons – probably mortars and autocannons as they’re not in the Space Marine lists.  The others will be used for objective markers, city fighting markers and some conversions on some e-bayed vehicles in the distant future.

The allies squad will probably be a command squad, 2 infantry squads and 2 heavy weapon squads.  This should allow me some pretty good variety of troops.

Compared to the Space Marines the Cadians seem pretty easy to make and paint so I hope to be turning them around far quicker.  I still need to pick a scheme for an IG unit from Ultramar to compliment the Ultramarines without being far too similar.

My other allies will be Space Wolves (the new kits are great), Blood Angels (it’d be such a shame to alter the Space Hulk models) and Marines Malevolent.  I don’t really want the IG to be seen as linked with these so all grey, red and black and yellow and black seem to be out.  I’m thinking of grey cloth and blue armour (very Ultramarine) but really want to come up with a nice colour scheme – maybe ice camouflage is the way to go?

What do you think about the plastic kits for kit-bashing?  Any suggestions on colour schemes?


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