Product Review – Maxmini Heads

Well, they arrived yesterday so it’s time for my first product review.

When I got into work yesterday after a site visit a little padded envelope was sat on my desk to welcome me.  The pieces were all together in one sealed blister inside the envelope.  Packaging and delivery were given top marks.

When I took the heads out I had a very nice surprise – 2 extras.  I don’t know if this is similar to the bakers dozen method or if it was due to bad counting – it still made me happy.  What made me really happy though was the quality of the heads.  The designs are reasonably simple but really do give a great alternative to the Space Marine Heads – further they would look great on Empire or Bretonian knights or on Chaos Marines or Warriors – they also look like they’d fit in with some of the other gaming systems.

Typically the heads have very few casting lines, but they do have some cleaning up to be done around the protruding details such as the respirator bits and some of the cabling – this shouldn’t take long though.  The last thing I want to comment on with these heads is that I’m definitely going to wash them before using them – just incase there is any release agent left on it.

All in all I’m very impressed with these heads, getting 20 (typical) heads for about £10 may seem like a lot, but they really give some variation to the force and they also are pretty cheap when compared to ‘beakie’ and ‘maximus’ heads from Bits and kits – who I will do a review on in the next few weeks.

Anyone else had any experience with Maxmini or know of any cool alternative heads?


2 Responses to Product Review – Maxmini Heads

  1. I picked up the maxmini heads myself after seeing some nifty terminator conversions on the B&C. The the molds were clean and well poured, I find most of the heads to be too small or to midieval for my likes. Alas, 90% of them have been relegated to my bitz box…

    • UltraSmurf says:

      I’ve started selecting bits for my Space Wolf allies (Vanguard Squad) and am thinking of using one of these heads for one. I’ll be able to see the scale of them all tonight.

      Thanks for visiting the site, it’s great to see some of the more ‘famous’ bloggers reading my muddled thoughts!

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