Product Review – Cadian Kits

Here’s a brief review on the kits i’ve had a fiddle with:


The kit comes with 2×2 sprues allowing you to make a squad of 10 Cadian Infantry.  The sprues have 10 lasguns with arms, 2 each of granade launcher, flamer and melta with arms, 2 las pistols and chainswords, 10 bodies, 10 legs, 2 vox packs, 10 sets of webbing (pouches) and 10 sets of grenades.

My initial view was that there was limited scope for making the little guys – my feelings now is that there is a lot of scope if you have lots of kits – with only 1 kit I feel that the squad lacks coherency.  My preference would be to have a squad with all bayonets and another without – maybe this is in the pipelines as my squad looks a little thrown together due to the limited parts in the kit.  I feel that either having 8 each of the lasguns with bayonets and without would be better – or even cutting down to 4 lasguns with a bayonet part would allow that bit more customisation (strange as it would have less parts in the kit).

My problem was that I’m thinking of the kit as a unit – with IG this isn’t how it works.  As each squad is so cheap (points wise) you will never have only 1 squad of infantry.  At £12 for 10 guys the box is also relatively well priced when compared to other armies.  Buy 4 boxes and you will have 40 troopers with enough variety to make (me or you) happy.

Command Squad

The command squad has enough parts to make 5 infantry command miniatures (banner bearer, medic, commander, Sergeant and special weapons trooper or vox).  It has 5 different legs, 4 ‘normal’ bodies and 3 ‘special’ bodies, lots of heads, 2 banners, all the special weapons, vox and lots of ‘bits’.

So far I’ve made my commander and banner bearer – both of which I think look great.  My favourite part of the banners is that there are 2 – and one isn’t obviously Cadian (hence it is the one I picked).  The parts allow for some great variation, in fact with 10 of these kits I recon I could make 50 clearly unique models.  Value is a bit lower ass the kit is £15, but the extra parts will make the infantry kit more flexible.

Joint Kits

As with the Space Marines range the value comes when you kit bash – and whilst there is less variation than with marine kits I still think you can make enough cool models for an army.  The kits are also very easy to put together – some space marine kits (Devastators) can be hard to piece together properly with the Heavy Bolter parts being the worst.

All in all I think the models are pretty cool and I can really see why it’s often considered as a beginners army – and from what I’ve seen online I can also see the potential for making it a converters dream with some of the coolest models being from the ranks of the Imperial Guard.  Heavy Weapons are the next product review.

IG players- do you find the kits limiting or do you find them easy to convert?


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