A Tale of _ Gamers – Rules

Right, here are the draft ‘rules’ for the Tale of _ Gamers.  These can be bent – but any rule bending should be requested prior to posting.

  • No bad language in your blogs – following the FTW line on this.
  • No models that are already painted AND shown on your blog (undercoat is an exception).
  • All models to fit in with your fluff.
  • 1 unit MUST be from a different force – but fit in with yours (to promote different painting techniques).
  • All posts to be submitted by the 1st Tuesday of the Month and linked to the other blogs by the friday.
  • Points per task to be announced with task (with point reduction for late posts).
  • Tasks will include tutorials, making/painting objectives, conversions and battle reports.
  • Some elements will have votes – polls to be posted on all blogs (where possible) with visible scores to allow me to add the votes up.
  • The prize to the winner is – nothing really, so we’ll call it Eternal Glory as the winner of the Tale of _ Gamers!

Any comments or suggestions?  The tasks are being finalised at the moment and will be posted by the end of the weekend (and e-mailed to those who have shown interest!


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