Painting Problems – Yellow


When I was so interested in Marines Malevolent why o why did no one warn me how annoying yellow is to paint.

I’ve undercoated black (to allow the weapons and skin etc to look similar to my other models), basecoated GW Iyanden Darksun (foundation), 3-5 coats of GW Sunburst Yellow, 2 coats of GW Gryphonne Sepia Wash and a final coat of  GW Sunburst Yellow as a highlight.

Whilst I’m pretty happy with the yellow it takes ages to paint!  Red is far easier for me to get my desired look.

Any advice?  Pics to be posted soon.


Where is the Ultramarine Upgrade Sprue?


So the Blood Angels have new models and to be honest – they do look great.  My Vanguard will be doubling and include some winged packs – I don’t care if people have a problem with them as I think they look awesome.

Now on to my rant – Dark Angels, Black Templars, Space Wolves and Blood Angels all have cool parts – what about the Ultramarines?

I know, I know ‘ they are typical marines and therefore don’t have much adornement’.  What a load of rubbish – look at their Characters and the descriptions in the fluff.  They are as cool and interesting as any of the other Chapters and some Ultramarine emblems, helmets, special looking shoulder pads and dangling bits would look awesome.  How about some relic blades and some more axes of Ultramar so that we can have an awesome and coherent looking honour guard for Marneus – lets face it he deserves them!

I really think that an upgrade sprue would be well worth it, with another banner, maybe a body front or 2, some helmets/heads, relic/power weapons all thrown in would allow for an even cooler army – and that there would be plenty willing to buy it.  Afterall, I buy loads of bits from other kits for my Ultramarines (especially heads) why wouldn’t other hobbyists collecting different marine forces do the same?

So – do you think a) there should be an upgrade sprue or b) there ever will be one?

The Future of Ultrasmurf


My plan for the next few months is to really get some painting done and update the blog with some more pictures.

Whilst I love modelling I really want to improve my painting skills and will therefore stop modelling for a little while and spend that time painting.  I’ve started on my Terminator Assault Squad (jumping some of my other painting projects) as they are some of my favourite models and hope to have the squad up here by the end of next week.  My ‘big’ conversion project will be completed over the next few months (after a good few squads are finished) and I’m looking forward on posting a tutorial on that even though I’ve only just started it.

I also want to get back to doing some book reviews, and am trying to finish off some Horus Heresy books to allow me to get a start on it.  Again hopefully these will be done next week.

Gaming is becoming less and less interesting to me due to the time it takes – the few places I can do it – and the opponents I’ve met.  So Battle reports will not be a regular feature on here.

I’d really appreciate it if people commented on this post and requested certain types of posts so I can try to cater to their interests – whilst obviously doing the things I enjoy myself.

Allies – Marines Malevolent


Finally – after all the hype – here they are.

Granted they’re not painted or even primed (or even based properly) – but they’ve been made.

This tactical squad oozes character to me – to be honest they may be my favourite models so far.  By kit bashing a huge amounts of parts I’ve managed to throw together this rabble – typical of their chapter they have a vast range of armour types.

Painting wise I’m going to paint certain parts of the armour as different Chapters then paint over it in yellow.  They will also have loads of nicks in them (painted only).  I hope this will give them a space pirates kind of look.

What do you guys think?  And any ideas for the Army/Campaign badges?

Allies: Imperial Guard Infantry


Well, here is a snapshot of my allies – starting with the Imperial Guard.

As I’m sure you guys are aware I’ve reviewed the kits to some level and really did enjoy making these models.  Due to the level of detail in the parts I’m also really looking forward to painting them.

My latest thoughts on colour scheme are Grey/White armour and Arctic (Blue, Grey, Black and White) Camo combat clothing.  The blue will link in with my Ultramarines – but without saying these are ‘mini marines’.  I really like the idea of them being linked but that the IG look up to the Ultramarines so maybe markings of rank could be made in Blue on the armour?

I’m really looking forward to the heavies to go with these guys, I just need to decide what weapons they’ll bring to my army.

What do you guys think of them so far?