Allies: Imperial Guard Infantry

Well, here is a snapshot of my allies – starting with the Imperial Guard.

As I’m sure you guys are aware I’ve reviewed the kits to some level and really did enjoy making these models.  Due to the level of detail in the parts I’m also really looking forward to painting them.

My latest thoughts on colour scheme are Grey/White armour and Arctic (Blue, Grey, Black and White) Camo combat clothing.  The blue will link in with my Ultramarines – but without saying these are ‘mini marines’.  I really like the idea of them being linked but that the IG look up to the Ultramarines so maybe markings of rank could be made in Blue on the armour?

I’m really looking forward to the heavies to go with these guys, I just need to decide what weapons they’ll bring to my army.

What do you guys think of them so far?


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