Allies – Marines Malevolent

Finally – after all the hype – here they are.

Granted they’re not painted or even primed (or even based properly) – but they’ve been made.

This tactical squad oozes character to me – to be honest they may be my favourite models so far.  By kit bashing a huge amounts of parts I’ve managed to throw together this rabble – typical of their chapter they have a vast range of armour types.

Painting wise I’m going to paint certain parts of the armour as different Chapters then paint over it in yellow.  They will also have loads of nicks in them (painted only).  I hope this will give them a space pirates kind of look.

What do you guys think?  And any ideas for the Army/Campaign badges?


One Response to Allies – Marines Malevolent

  1. Gotthammer says:

    They look very good – the resin heads work a treat 🙂

    Only concern I’d have with the paint scheme would be the overpainting in yellow. Yellow is very tricky to get to work right, especially over other colours. I’d do a few test runs on something you don’t mind potentially turning a putrid shade of brown first.

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