The Future of Ultrasmurf

My plan for the next few months is to really get some painting done and update the blog with some more pictures.

Whilst I love modelling I really want to improve my painting skills and will therefore stop modelling for a little while and spend that time painting.  I’ve started on my Terminator Assault Squad (jumping some of my other painting projects) as they are some of my favourite models and hope to have the squad up here by the end of next week.  My ‘big’ conversion project will be completed over the next few months (after a good few squads are finished) and I’m looking forward on posting a tutorial on that even though I’ve only just started it.

I also want to get back to doing some book reviews, and am trying to finish off some Horus Heresy books to allow me to get a start on it.  Again hopefully these will be done next week.

Gaming is becoming less and less interesting to me due to the time it takes – the few places I can do it – and the opponents I’ve met.  So Battle reports will not be a regular feature on here.

I’d really appreciate it if people commented on this post and requested certain types of posts so I can try to cater to their interests – whilst obviously doing the things I enjoy myself.


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