Where is the Ultramarine Upgrade Sprue?

So the Blood Angels have new models and to be honest – they do look great.  My Vanguard will be doubling and include some winged packs – I don’t care if people have a problem with them as I think they look awesome.

Now on to my rant – Dark Angels, Black Templars, Space Wolves and Blood Angels all have cool parts – what about the Ultramarines?

I know, I know ‘ they are typical marines and therefore don’t have much adornement’.  What a load of rubbish – look at their Characters and the descriptions in the fluff.  They are as cool and interesting as any of the other Chapters and some Ultramarine emblems, helmets, special looking shoulder pads and dangling bits would look awesome.  How about some relic blades and some more axes of Ultramar so that we can have an awesome and coherent looking honour guard for Marneus – lets face it he deserves them!

I really think that an upgrade sprue would be well worth it, with another banner, maybe a body front or 2, some helmets/heads, relic/power weapons all thrown in would allow for an even cooler army – and that there would be plenty willing to buy it.  Afterall, I buy loads of bits from other kits for my Ultramarines (especially heads) why wouldn’t other hobbyists collecting different marine forces do the same?

So – do you think a) there should be an upgrade sprue or b) there ever will be one?


3 Responses to Where is the Ultramarine Upgrade Sprue?

  1. RuntMcRory says:

    I wrote about this very same thing though I didnt go so far as to want a dedicated Ultramarine upgrade sprue. More a generic Codex Marine upgrade. You can read what I had to say here though it follows closely to yours.


  2. Pineapple Jack says:

    Totally agree, there should be an Ultramarines upgrade sprue. Although i’ve gotten by with forgeworld icons and brass etching with Ultramarine symbols on but they are small and tricky to glue into place.

  3. Dyanth Kajira says:

    I’m with you on upgrade sprues in general. I’d like to see pretty much every force out there get their own customizing bits. It would give a more dynamic feel to army building. Pick up a box of troops and an upgrade sprue and build from the ground up towards a specific army you want.

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