The Sanguinor: Where did he come from?


(Image from GW)

As you will already know I bought a copy of Codex Blood Angels and felt a little a little annoyed.  However the fluff is great and the art amazing so the more I look at the pretty pictures the happier I am.

Back to the topic at hand – the Sanguinor.  The model is stunning!  The pose isn’t the most dynamic (I prefer Astorath the Grim’s pose is far more fluid) but it is very ‘angelic’ – it doesn’t take a genius to work out why they did it, but it is a bit annoying as the living saint is in a very similar position.  The scrolls elevate the model off the ground adding height without messing up the ‘scale’ of the model.  And the painting in White Dwarf is amazing – the quality of the NMM is stunning.

The art in the Codex depicting the Sanguinor also are excellent, though in my opinion the detail they give the ‘normal’ marines in the art in the book blow away the special characters.

The stats and rules make the Sanguinor an extremely powerful option, especially in offensive army lists, though he’d be an awesome counter attach unit too.

The fluff – this is the area I really can’t get over, which is why i’ve raised it again.  The Sanguinor is well known for arriving just in time to save the Blood Angels, but he never stays around once the fight is finished.  The Blood Angles claim to not know the origins of the Sanguinor or have a way of contacting him.  Surely this is a massive concern for the Blood Angels (though is not raised as one in the literature).

The Inquisition should be all over this guy – a superhero of amazing abilities fully fitted out in the Blood Angels most revered and rare armour and weapons that can’t be controlled (if not by them then by the Blood Angels).

Now, on to the logical problems – how does he know where he needs to be, how does he arrive there, how does he leave, where does he originate from?  My (logical whilst still keeping with the 40k fluff) suggestions are below:

He doesn’t, he is essentially lost in the warp and arrives when the warp throws him out – this fits in with some of the text in the Codex with regards to the planet taken over by Daemons.  It would be likely he leaves in the same way.  Maybe the Emperor uses his power to keep the Sanguinor in out of the warp just long enough to sway the tide of the battle?  The last question is easier, but also less precise, he MUST be a Blood Angel (or successor chapter but not likely), one of the Sanguinary Guard who was lost in the warp during or some time after the Horus Heresy?  When the possessed Death Guard in ‘the Flight of the Einstein’ were killed their souls zapped back to the warp – could it be that the soul of a Sanguinary Guard was taken by Chaos but not corrupted?  Certain members of the Blood Angels are well known for this – Dante won’t die even though he’s ancient, Mephiston won’t die even though everyone is trying to kill him (thought now there is a seed of doubt about him turning to Chaos – will this lead to something interesting in a future Codex?), and last but not least Lemartes has succumbed to the Black Rage but is resilient enough to be clear in mind enough to lead the Death Company and not get himself killed (the purpose of the Death Company surely?).

Anyone notice the similarities with the Necrons Deceiver?

Anyone got something to add to the above attack on the Blood Angels’ Golden Boy?  Or have I missed something?  Please feel free to add your comments and set me (and any readers) straight!


Book Review: Blood Angels Codex



Nice background section, some well painted models in the gallery sections, clear unit lists and some amazing artwork.  This is a must for all Blood Angel or successor chapter players.


Why oh why do you need a full codex for Blood Angles?  That goes for EVERY chapter with the exception of (maybe) Space Wolves in my books.  Space Wolves have a unique organisation with Wolf Guard units/unit leaders that make it slightly more likely they need a codex to themselves.  Grey Knights don’t count and as they have too few units and should be put in the Daemon Hunters codex.

Why the moaning then?  Furiso Dreadnoughts – aren’t they essentially normal dreadnoughts with an extra CCW and no Multi Melta?  Baal Predators – some ancient technical data was uncovered allowing them to strap an Assault Cannon onto a Predator and now the Mechanicus are annoyed because this technology is not theirs – but they can make Razorbacks with Assault Cannons?

Don’t even get me started on the Storm Raven – a piece of kit used by only a few Chapters, or that they have so many Land Raiders that they are used as common transport vehicles.  Surely (here is the real rub of it for me) the Ultramarines would have pretty much everything – friendly with Mars, adopting new technologies (Razorbacks and Land Raider Redeemers) etc.

The Sanguinor gets his own paragraph here due to him irritating me.  An excellent model, awesome statline and one of the best potential NMM paint jobs i’ve seen are in the plus side.  A character who no one knows, and just appears out of thin air to kick arse and then disappear sounds familiar – oh, thats it, Legion of the Damned – is pushing it too far for me.  The Legion of the Damned can do this due to their unique place in the background of the Hobby, a single character not of the legion sounds a bit silly to me.

Don’t get me wrong the Death Company and Sanguinary Guard are good additions and are Blood Angel only (as they should be) as per the very good background.  The Characters are colourful and interesting (except the Sanquinor who is crazy) and again deserve a space.


Unless GW really bulk up the background sections of these books I feel that (for Space Marines) the way to go would be to release 1 monster sized codex with loads of background, a force selection chart and an awesome gallery.

In the force selection chart there would be a few page for each Chapter (+ successors).  The 1st page would include all rule changes and alterations to the force organisation chart, followed by Characters and Units – maybe 10 pages for Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Black Templars and 5 for White Scars, Imperial Fists, Crimson Fists, Salamanders etc.

This would allow each Chapter to get Special Characters, Units and Rules, but ‘typical’ units and vehicles would be available to all and would be updated across the board all in one hit.

Example 1 – Blood Angels Fast Vehicles – +?? points per vehicle

Example 2 – Blood Angels – Instead of Combat Tactics all units have Red Thirst

GW are doing a great job with their Special Characters altering the armies – why not allow the armies to do it in their own section of the space marine codex?

I’d love to hear all your opinions – however please don’t comment on the Money GW are making by having the Codex separate – everyone understands that it is a way of a) constantly updating armies, b) making people buy the latest army and c) making people buy multiple Codex.