WM: Khador pSorscha WIP


Here is the first warcaster I’m painting.  I love the model, the level of detail is great and there are so many textures to work with.

Having painted Marines mainly, and their not being much cloth, the cloak was a challenge, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

I’ve tried to go for a slightly alternative colour scheme, sticking with bluey greys and red – what do you guys think?  Any comments, tips or criticism appreciated!


WM: Khador War Dog


Well, thank you everyone who looked on here whilst I was gone. 

My next post will be an explanation of my lack of posts – this is to my ‘other’ force – Khador for the Privateer Press Warmachine world.  My 1st Privateer model is below – their excellent War Dog.

As you probably know I’ve only done limited red – and am really happy with the red has turned out.  With the next model I will push it far more orange before washing it as whilst it is the best blending I’ve ever done it lacks a highlight.  this doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem as I normally stick with a more ‘realistic’ style.

I’d like to blend the browns better, but I don’t know how too at the moment – practice makes perfect though!

This has also been the first time I’ve done battle damage.

So have at it guys – all comments appreciated!