WM: Khador War Dog

Well, thank you everyone who looked on here whilst I was gone. 

My next post will be an explanation of my lack of posts – this is to my ‘other’ force – Khador for the Privateer Press Warmachine world.  My 1st Privateer model is below – their excellent War Dog.

As you probably know I’ve only done limited red – and am really happy with the red has turned out.  With the next model I will push it far more orange before washing it as whilst it is the best blending I’ve ever done it lacks a highlight.  this doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem as I normally stick with a more ‘realistic’ style.

I’d like to blend the browns better, but I don’t know how too at the moment – practice makes perfect though!

This has also been the first time I’ve done battle damage.

So have at it guys – all comments appreciated!


2 Responses to WM: Khador War Dog

  1. Very nice, any particular trick to adding the metal edging around the red plate?

    • UltraSmurf says:

      Very carefully! I paint the red armour from base to highlight, then wash it with a red wash. Then tidy up the black for the armour trim and paint a thin line of silver with the edge of the brush (not overloading the paint gives a constant line width).

      ‘Battle damage’ done by painting some jagged black followed by jagged silver leaving some of the black showing – some not even on the black – to show different types of damage on the paint.

      I’m not very good at painting – so I’m sure anyone can use my methods atleast as well as me!

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