The Sanguinor: Where did he come from?


(Image from GW)

As you will already know I bought a copy of Codex Blood Angels and felt a little a little annoyed.  However the fluff is great and the art amazing so the more I look at the pretty pictures the happier I am.

Back to the topic at hand – the Sanguinor.  The model is stunning!  The pose isn’t the most dynamic (I prefer Astorath the Grim’s pose is far more fluid) but it is very ‘angelic’ – it doesn’t take a genius to work out why they did it, but it is a bit annoying as the living saint is in a very similar position.  The scrolls elevate the model off the ground adding height without messing up the ‘scale’ of the model.  And the painting in White Dwarf is amazing – the quality of the NMM is stunning.

The art in the Codex depicting the Sanguinor also are excellent, though in my opinion the detail they give the ‘normal’ marines in the art in the book blow away the special characters.

The stats and rules make the Sanguinor an extremely powerful option, especially in offensive army lists, though he’d be an awesome counter attach unit too.

The fluff – this is the area I really can’t get over, which is why i’ve raised it again.  The Sanguinor is well known for arriving just in time to save the Blood Angels, but he never stays around once the fight is finished.  The Blood Angles claim to not know the origins of the Sanguinor or have a way of contacting him.  Surely this is a massive concern for the Blood Angels (though is not raised as one in the literature).

The Inquisition should be all over this guy – a superhero of amazing abilities fully fitted out in the Blood Angels most revered and rare armour and weapons that can’t be controlled (if not by them then by the Blood Angels).

Now, on to the logical problems – how does he know where he needs to be, how does he arrive there, how does he leave, where does he originate from?  My (logical whilst still keeping with the 40k fluff) suggestions are below:

He doesn’t, he is essentially lost in the warp and arrives when the warp throws him out – this fits in with some of the text in the Codex with regards to the planet taken over by Daemons.  It would be likely he leaves in the same way.  Maybe the Emperor uses his power to keep the Sanguinor in out of the warp just long enough to sway the tide of the battle?  The last question is easier, but also less precise, he MUST be a Blood Angel (or successor chapter but not likely), one of the Sanguinary Guard who was lost in the warp during or some time after the Horus Heresy?  When the possessed Death Guard in ‘the Flight of the Einstein’ were killed their souls zapped back to the warp – could it be that the soul of a Sanguinary Guard was taken by Chaos but not corrupted?  Certain members of the Blood Angels are well known for this – Dante won’t die even though he’s ancient, Mephiston won’t die even though everyone is trying to kill him (thought now there is a seed of doubt about him turning to Chaos – will this lead to something interesting in a future Codex?), and last but not least Lemartes has succumbed to the Black Rage but is resilient enough to be clear in mind enough to lead the Death Company and not get himself killed (the purpose of the Death Company surely?).

Anyone notice the similarities with the Necrons Deceiver?

Anyone got something to add to the above attack on the Blood Angels’ Golden Boy?  Or have I missed something?  Please feel free to add your comments and set me (and any readers) straight!


Where is the Ultramarine Upgrade Sprue?


So the Blood Angels have new models and to be honest – they do look great.  My Vanguard will be doubling and include some winged packs – I don’t care if people have a problem with them as I think they look awesome.

Now on to my rant – Dark Angels, Black Templars, Space Wolves and Blood Angels all have cool parts – what about the Ultramarines?

I know, I know ‘ they are typical marines and therefore don’t have much adornement’.  What a load of rubbish – look at their Characters and the descriptions in the fluff.  They are as cool and interesting as any of the other Chapters and some Ultramarine emblems, helmets, special looking shoulder pads and dangling bits would look awesome.  How about some relic blades and some more axes of Ultramar so that we can have an awesome and coherent looking honour guard for Marneus – lets face it he deserves them!

I really think that an upgrade sprue would be well worth it, with another banner, maybe a body front or 2, some helmets/heads, relic/power weapons all thrown in would allow for an even cooler army – and that there would be plenty willing to buy it.  Afterall, I buy loads of bits from other kits for my Ultramarines (especially heads) why wouldn’t other hobbyists collecting different marine forces do the same?

So – do you think a) there should be an upgrade sprue or b) there ever will be one?

The Future of Ultrasmurf


My plan for the next few months is to really get some painting done and update the blog with some more pictures.

Whilst I love modelling I really want to improve my painting skills and will therefore stop modelling for a little while and spend that time painting.  I’ve started on my Terminator Assault Squad (jumping some of my other painting projects) as they are some of my favourite models and hope to have the squad up here by the end of next week.  My ‘big’ conversion project will be completed over the next few months (after a good few squads are finished) and I’m looking forward on posting a tutorial on that even though I’ve only just started it.

I also want to get back to doing some book reviews, and am trying to finish off some Horus Heresy books to allow me to get a start on it.  Again hopefully these will be done next week.

Gaming is becoming less and less interesting to me due to the time it takes – the few places I can do it – and the opponents I’ve met.  So Battle reports will not be a regular feature on here.

I’d really appreciate it if people commented on this post and requested certain types of posts so I can try to cater to their interests – whilst obviously doing the things I enjoy myself.

Allies – Marines Malevolent


Finally – after all the hype – here they are.

Granted they’re not painted or even primed (or even based properly) – but they’ve been made.

This tactical squad oozes character to me – to be honest they may be my favourite models so far.  By kit bashing a huge amounts of parts I’ve managed to throw together this rabble – typical of their chapter they have a vast range of armour types.

Painting wise I’m going to paint certain parts of the armour as different Chapters then paint over it in yellow.  They will also have loads of nicks in them (painted only).  I hope this will give them a space pirates kind of look.

What do you guys think?  And any ideas for the Army/Campaign badges?

Allies: Imperial Guard Infantry


Well, here is a snapshot of my allies – starting with the Imperial Guard.

As I’m sure you guys are aware I’ve reviewed the kits to some level and really did enjoy making these models.  Due to the level of detail in the parts I’m also really looking forward to painting them.

My latest thoughts on colour scheme are Grey/White armour and Arctic (Blue, Grey, Black and White) Camo combat clothing.  The blue will link in with my Ultramarines – but without saying these are ‘mini marines’.  I really like the idea of them being linked but that the IG look up to the Ultramarines so maybe markings of rank could be made in Blue on the armour?

I’m really looking forward to the heavies to go with these guys, I just need to decide what weapons they’ll bring to my army.

What do you guys think of them so far?

The 3 Types of Gamer – Age Based Review


Sorry – it’s been a while since the last post and even longer since one with pictures.  However you’ll still have to wait for the pictures – but why they come you will get to see the start of my allies squads for the Tale of _ Gamers.

Today I want to talk about the differences in hobbyists – using myself as an example.  I want to point out at this early stage that these are MY opinions and definitely bunch lots of people into a very small number of groups and in many cases there are exceptions to the rule!

The Young

Young gamers (up to 16) are normally only interested in the look of the basic models and playing games.  When I say the look of the basic models I mean how all the models look out of the box.  They will, more often than not, have next to no patience with modelling and painting, preferring to spend their time on crazy conversions and playing game after game.  When playing the games they will often forget the rules or actively bend (break) them to their own advantage.  In England this can be seen at almost all GW stores, where the parents have gone shopping for the day and left their kids in what is essentially a free child care centre.

I was definitely like this – I will even post one of my early models recently found to prove the painting bit.  I remember crude and inappropriate weapon swaps and attempts at Chaos corruption – which in hindsight were rubbish.  Finally I remember playing lots of games – whilst I never cheated or bent the rules plenty of other kids doing exactly that.


16-30 – my age group.  Typically these have matured to the level that they are interested in painting, mild conversions and simple modelling – also enjoying the gaming side of the hobby.  They want to push themselves to the limits with regards their modelling and painting skills, generally producing far better results than when they were younger.   Games often break down into more of a narrative feel and are played in a competitive manner with good sportsmanship, and when sat around with other Tweens they will often refer to the huge amount of fluff including the Black Library books that fatten out the hobby and enrich the gaming universe.


Veterans have been there and seen it all.  They are similar to the Tweens but have far more patience and are interested in some of the more obscure parts of the hobby.  Rather than making an army (like the Young) and including some relevant hand made objective markers (like the Tweens – often based on literature) they will go the whole hog and have army based terrain.

The Veterans are the ones that answer the questions in the store, resolve gaming queries and advise on painting and modelling. 

Anyone who read my post on Getting Kids Involved will know that I favour the Veterans and Tweens to socialize with and to hang out with in (and out of) the stores.  It is important to note however that this progression really does make for a well rounded community with many people being involved for decades and getting pretty deep in the hobby. 

As for now I will continue to strive to improve my painting, read my books and create themed forces to go out and continue protecting humanity (crusading is kind of hard when being attacked constantly from all sides).  Who knows – one day I may even be considered as a Veteran, giving wise advice to mould young gamers into the Tweens and Veterans of tomorrow.

As an end to this post I would like to thank all those (Tweens and Vets alike) that have helped me improve with my hobby and I hope that one of my articles in the future (or past) will be able to help someone in a similar way.

So – what do you guys think, am I missing any big generalised group of players?  Are my definitions/explanations flawed?

A Tale of _ Gamers – Rules


Right, here are the draft ‘rules’ for the Tale of _ Gamers.  These can be bent – but any rule bending should be requested prior to posting.

  • No bad language in your blogs – following the FTW line on this.
  • No models that are already painted AND shown on your blog (undercoat is an exception).
  • All models to fit in with your fluff.
  • 1 unit MUST be from a different force – but fit in with yours (to promote different painting techniques).
  • All posts to be submitted by the 1st Tuesday of the Month and linked to the other blogs by the friday.
  • Points per task to be announced with task (with point reduction for late posts).
  • Tasks will include tutorials, making/painting objectives, conversions and battle reports.
  • Some elements will have votes – polls to be posted on all blogs (where possible) with visible scores to allow me to add the votes up.
  • The prize to the winner is – nothing really, so we’ll call it Eternal Glory as the winner of the Tale of _ Gamers!

Any comments or suggestions?  The tasks are being finalised at the moment and will be posted by the end of the weekend (and e-mailed to those who have shown interest!