WM: Khador pSorscha WIP


Here is the first warcaster I’m painting.  I love the model, the level of detail is great and there are so many textures to work with.

Having painted Marines mainly, and their not being much cloth, the cloak was a challenge, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

I’ve tried to go for a slightly alternative colour scheme, sticking with bluey greys and red – what do you guys think?  Any comments, tips or criticism appreciated!


WM: Khador War Dog


Well, thank you everyone who looked on here whilst I was gone. 

My next post will be an explanation of my lack of posts – this is to my ‘other’ force – Khador for the Privateer Press Warmachine world.  My 1st Privateer model is below – their excellent War Dog.

As you probably know I’ve only done limited red – and am really happy with the red has turned out.  With the next model I will push it far more orange before washing it as whilst it is the best blending I’ve ever done it lacks a highlight.  this doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem as I normally stick with a more ‘realistic’ style.

I’d like to blend the browns better, but I don’t know how too at the moment – practice makes perfect though!

This has also been the first time I’ve done battle damage.

So have at it guys – all comments appreciated!

Painting Problems – Yellow


When I was so interested in Marines Malevolent why o why did no one warn me how annoying yellow is to paint.

I’ve undercoated black (to allow the weapons and skin etc to look similar to my other models), basecoated GW Iyanden Darksun (foundation), 3-5 coats of GW Sunburst Yellow, 2 coats of GW Gryphonne Sepia Wash and a final coat of  GW Sunburst Yellow as a highlight.

Whilst I’m pretty happy with the yellow it takes ages to paint!  Red is far easier for me to get my desired look.

Any advice?  Pics to be posted soon.

The 3 Types of Gamer – Age Based Review


Sorry – it’s been a while since the last post and even longer since one with pictures.  However you’ll still have to wait for the pictures – but why they come you will get to see the start of my allies squads for the Tale of _ Gamers.

Today I want to talk about the differences in hobbyists – using myself as an example.  I want to point out at this early stage that these are MY opinions and definitely bunch lots of people into a very small number of groups and in many cases there are exceptions to the rule!

The Young

Young gamers (up to 16) are normally only interested in the look of the basic models and playing games.  When I say the look of the basic models I mean how all the models look out of the box.  They will, more often than not, have next to no patience with modelling and painting, preferring to spend their time on crazy conversions and playing game after game.  When playing the games they will often forget the rules or actively bend (break) them to their own advantage.  In England this can be seen at almost all GW stores, where the parents have gone shopping for the day and left their kids in what is essentially a free child care centre.

I was definitely like this – I will even post one of my early models recently found to prove the painting bit.  I remember crude and inappropriate weapon swaps and attempts at Chaos corruption – which in hindsight were rubbish.  Finally I remember playing lots of games – whilst I never cheated or bent the rules plenty of other kids doing exactly that.


16-30 – my age group.  Typically these have matured to the level that they are interested in painting, mild conversions and simple modelling – also enjoying the gaming side of the hobby.  They want to push themselves to the limits with regards their modelling and painting skills, generally producing far better results than when they were younger.   Games often break down into more of a narrative feel and are played in a competitive manner with good sportsmanship, and when sat around with other Tweens they will often refer to the huge amount of fluff including the Black Library books that fatten out the hobby and enrich the gaming universe.


Veterans have been there and seen it all.  They are similar to the Tweens but have far more patience and are interested in some of the more obscure parts of the hobby.  Rather than making an army (like the Young) and including some relevant hand made objective markers (like the Tweens – often based on literature) they will go the whole hog and have army based terrain.

The Veterans are the ones that answer the questions in the store, resolve gaming queries and advise on painting and modelling. 

Anyone who read my post on Getting Kids Involved will know that I favour the Veterans and Tweens to socialize with and to hang out with in (and out of) the stores.  It is important to note however that this progression really does make for a well rounded community with many people being involved for decades and getting pretty deep in the hobby. 

As for now I will continue to strive to improve my painting, read my books and create themed forces to go out and continue protecting humanity (crusading is kind of hard when being attacked constantly from all sides).  Who knows – one day I may even be considered as a Veteran, giving wise advice to mould young gamers into the Tweens and Veterans of tomorrow.

As an end to this post I would like to thank all those (Tweens and Vets alike) that have helped me improve with my hobby and I hope that one of my articles in the future (or past) will be able to help someone in a similar way.

So – what do you guys think, am I missing any big generalised group of players?  Are my definitions/explanations flawed?

Current Plastic Boxsets 2 – Cadian Colourscheme


I take it back – having now seen the command and heavy weapon sprue’s I think that they are pretty good.  It’s not a complete U-turn as I think that the Space Marine kits are still far better, it’s more that I have enough to play with to hopefully make some cool models.

The heavy weapons kit has a ridiculous amount of spare bits to use for some objectives.  I’m thinking of getting 2 kits and using them to make 2 groups of 3 of the same heavy weapons – probably mortars and autocannons as they’re not in the Space Marine lists.  The others will be used for objective markers, city fighting markers and some conversions on some e-bayed vehicles in the distant future.

The allies squad will probably be a command squad, 2 infantry squads and 2 heavy weapon squads.  This should allow me some pretty good variety of troops.

Compared to the Space Marines the Cadians seem pretty easy to make and paint so I hope to be turning them around far quicker.  I still need to pick a scheme for an IG unit from Ultramar to compliment the Ultramarines without being far too similar.

My other allies will be Space Wolves (the new kits are great), Blood Angels (it’d be such a shame to alter the Space Hulk models) and Marines Malevolent.  I don’t really want the IG to be seen as linked with these so all grey, red and black and yellow and black seem to be out.  I’m thinking of grey cloth and blue armour (very Ultramarine) but really want to come up with a nice colour scheme – maybe ice camouflage is the way to go?

What do you think about the plastic kits for kit-bashing?  Any suggestions on colour schemes?

A Tale of _ Gamers – Call to Arms


As you may know I’m looking at a similar thing to the GW tale of 4 gamers and I’m putting out a call across the warp for any interested in joining me for the call to arms!

The basics can be found here but I want to expand upon this now that I’ve had some response to my plan.

  • 1 unit per month for your force (be it a 10 man SM tactical squad, 5 Eldar jet bikes or a Tau devilfish)
  • the models can’t be painted and on show in your blog prior to the start
  • models can be built and primed already – in your backlog of painting
  • monthly units to be specifically designed as a force be it allies to your existing force or a brand new force (for example I’m looking at producing a ‘stand alone’ allies force that will be part of my Ultramarines – this force will have HQ, Elite, Troop, Fast Attack and Heavy units as per the standard force organisation charts)
  • fluff forces encouraged, such as IG allies for SM forces, Daemons for CSM – ask if you have a query
  • all units to be posted on the same day at the same time (or as close as possible) say 3rd Monday of each month at 1pm GMT
  • each monthly post to be linked to the other members main post – weekly updates can be linked at your own discretion
  • to run for 12 months

I also want it to be swayed by comments and for some ‘cool bits’ to be added in like objective markers and battle reports – but we’ll come to that later.

If you want to join in post a comment stating your blog (and e-mail if its not on your blog) or e-mail me at ultrasmurf.blog@hotmail.com – if you don’t have a blog contact me and I’ll either help you set one up or maybe you can send me the pics and text and I’ll post it on here.

I’m hoping to start this in February – so sign up!

Motor Pool – WIP


Here is a brief look at my current motor pool (all need finishing):


Rhino 1:

Land Raider Redeemer:


Other Vehicles:  Rhino, Razorback, Land Raider, Land Speeder and Land Speeder Storm

I started with a foot slogging army, then picked up a rhino with some troops on e-bay, found my old predator and converted it into a rhino and now have a pretty mechanised list.

I love the looks of all the vehicles which is why I want them in my list – do you guys love the looks of vehicles or do you play them for their tactical merits?